Thursday, March 1, 2012

Garden Update 1 2012

Usually when I come home from work my goal is to do as little as possible. Today I failed in that. I took Dogger fort a walk, that she cut short after she saw an ambulance - no sirens no lights, just driving. Apperenlty she has never sen an ambulance that wasn't lit up like a Christmas tree and wailing and she found this off putting. We had to go home.

Instead of walking, I decided that today was the right day to plant my yukon golds. I think if I was hipper I would refer to them  soley as my "yuuks" and fully expect you to know what I was talking about. Last year I had such succsess with my container grown potaotes that I decided to do it again, but this year I'll have three different varietys and some of them are going to live in the backyard along with the barrels around the side of the house - unless having them in the backyard prooves to be a pain in the ass or they don't seem to be be all they can be, and then I'll just pick them up and move the whole lot of them to the side of the house.

All except one of them. I decided to be all out there and I planted one of them in the same area I planted the watermelons last year. I'm going to plant them there again this year but I don't think it will be a problem having them share the space. They have different growing habits and I don't think it should be a problem.

This year I went about the planting a little diffrently. Last year I only lightly covered the potaotes and then as they grew I covered them with more dirt. This year I saw some reference to what I did last year, mounding, but this artical said that I should plant my seed potaotes six inches down instead of leaving them on the surface and then mounding as they grow, the mounding is supposed to lead to a better harvest by giving them more room to produce spuds above the ground as well as in the earth. Last year I worried that my naked spuds were going to get taken by wandering critters, or get cold. This year I think they are better protected from all the elements.

The other potaoe is the one I;m going to have to worry on. I'm not sure the ground is going to be soft enough for the plant to do its thing but  I'm going to do my mound thing and just build it up as we go. You have to keep the potaotes covered up because if the they get in the sun they turn green and the green is poisonous. That is to be avoided.

And then I made dog cookies and emptied and filled the dishwasher and ran a load. And then I put the bike back in the car. That is a lot of work, goal not met.

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