Monday, March 19, 2012

Hard work is good for you.

So how was your weekend? Mine was busy. I did stuff, I did outdoorsy, hands getting dirty stuff. And i went to a parade, a very long parade that I had to leave early so I could do stuff. And I had been there for three hours and there wasn't an end in sight and I was tired and my feet hurt. Next year I vote for flat bed trucks for all entries. There was no one in  charge and no one to tell the participants to KEEP IT MOVING.

If you have to perform and entire one act play to get your point across, you are missing the point. Also if you tell me you  are a Tae Quan Do school, I believe you, you do not need to show me. The same with the endless Irish dance schools - Question, is it to teach them to dance or to turn them in to Christmas decorations? It was hard to tell, the last time I saw so much emphasis placed on costuming  above ability was years ago watching tiny students at a ice skating school competition fall down on the ice at the rink at the mall. They gave points for style if not execution.

And then I left.

I went to the city dirt store and loaded up on new dirt for the garden, I couldn't get much because I can only lift so much without tearing my arms out, but I got enough to put a little new blood into the garden. I was planning to till but it won't stop raining and while tilling in the damp is good, tilling in the wet is not. I was able to weed wack the winter cover again and added that to the soil.

In honor of St. Patrick's Day I made some fabulous Irish Beef and Ale stew.  Beef, carrots, onions, celery, garlic and ale. Lots of ale. So good! I was kind of work to put it all together but after two and a half hours on the stove, it was all worth it and it made enough I'll be enjoying for days, I might even freeze some.

Sunday,  I turned my eye to the front yard. The raspberries and I had come to a parting of the ways. As much as I enjoyed their pretty greenness, I enjoyed their berries more and the plants weren't being productive. It had been a year, I can take a hint. Anyway, this year I thought about blueberries - like raspberries, I can buy them in season for pennies, but I can buy just about everything I grow for almost nothing at the store and its not the point! I want to grow them so I do. I first went to a Very Nice Nursery and did some berry shoppign but they wanted too much and I left with some herbs instead. I was going to go to Sam's and re-buy the berries I bought and then didn't plant and then killed but I remembeed the Farmers Market and went there first.

I got the same berry bushes for half the price! of the nursery and a thousand times the quality of Sam's! I bought two varieties. No I don't know what varieties, its not important. One comes ripe in the middle of June and the other in the middle of July. Berries are important.

While I was digging around in the dirt with those, I planted my herbs and re-potted Fern, she had been a good rooommate, but it was time for us to part ways and for her to go back from where she came from. Outside.

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