Friday, April 20, 2012

Garden Update 4, 2012

My vegetable's from the untested veggie dealer have shipped! And if the Fed-Ex tracking site is to be believed, they arrived in Western North Carolina Thursday morning.  I am hoping that this means that I'll be getting them either this afternoon or Saturday. According the the weather teasers the network has been showing, it would be better for me if they were to arrive on today so that I can get them in the ground in between rain showers  - rain is good for new veggie plants but the attended cool weather  would not be good for me.

To get my planting muscles warmed up I went shopping at the Farmers Market and picked up some watermelon seedlings and some very pretty purple peppers. I cleared out the plot where I planted the melons last year and remembering some of their early struggles, I put down weed barrier so the seedlings wouldn't get over run and maybe protect them from pests, I'm going to be hitting the pesticides heavy this year, last year the vine suffered a lot of pest damage when the plant was young.  When I was digging up the ground I found a lot of very nice worms, I mean gorgeous worms and this made me very happy, I also found a whole nest of slugs and this made me very unhappy. I salted them to death and then uprooted the hunk of dirt they were gathered on and threw it over the fence. I did a lot of digging around and didn't fin anymore of them. El yucko, let me tell you. Over joyed about the number and vitality of worms though.

Back in February when I planted the first spuds I had one left over and I planted it in the same area I had used for the watermelons last year. I parked my pig in front of where I left it and went on my way. Time past and I began to think that the spud was a no go. This was all right because the other spuds were go-go-going and one not making it was the cost of farming. I put the pig in the wrong place, orphan spud did grow!

Aren't they adorable?

Since I took their pictures, I didn't want everything else to feel left out.

These are  my purple peppers, I really like how they taste and I would like to grow more than these but I have to see how many the untested veggie vendor sends me. I ordered a "collection" so it might be dicey.

 Peas and beans and strawberries full steam ahead! I did have to poison them all ready and by the looks of it, I'm going to have to break out the Seven if I want to stay on top of the pest situation. I can't wait to get the rest of the garden in and plant my tomatoes and peppers.

Speaking of strawberries, these are the blueberry plants I have potted in the front. No, I can't remember what kind they are, just that they are more successful than the twigs I paid too much for at Sam's Club.

Also in the front, but not in pots, are these All Blues I didn't have room for in the back. I hope they are more productive here than the pumpkin vine was last year.

Not visible in this picture is planter 7, but it hasn't done anything photogenic as yet. Everyone else is doing well, I hope they are working to produce as much underground as they are on the surface.

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