Monday, April 30, 2012

Garden Update 6, Flower Power Edition

The ultilitatian vegitable garden veggies  have been planted *, more on that. Now I have time to work on the more decorative gardening.

The marigolds are both decorative and utilitarian. They are known as a good "companion" plant, I also planted some Borage ( allegedly the leaves and stems taste like cucumber and are good cooked like greens, and its prolific blue flowers are good in salads and can be candied for deserts) for the same reason among the tomatoes*. Both plants do yeoman's work of  warding off ugly bugs and other pests. I'm also going to poison for bugs like a sumbitch, but its good to have back up, and maybe I can poison less.



I really want to give as much back up to these plants as possible, I don't have any irrigation hooked up for this area so its a litle on its own. I do water it but it doesn't get the day-in-day-out water that the big garden gets. The marigolds are supposed to protect from bugs and grubs, I didn't find any grubs in this plot but I did in the big garden. Here I found lovely worms. Unlike the next plot I visited.

This was where I found the grubs. A lot of grubs and painfully few worms. I did find a couple of worms while I was planting the flowers but I also found more grubs. I'm hoping the marigolds keep them from doing a lot of damage to my peppers.

I found a lot of worms in this plot, but I also found a couple of grubs.


I wasn't the on;ly one working in the back yard, My father did a yomans job to get this raised in the yard. My yard looks like its covered in dirt but in reality, its covered in about three feet of concrete covered in a dusting of of about a foot of packed clay. I've never been able to hang anything in this house because it wasn't built with that in mind back in 1952. Now, I can and I am dreaming of all the gorgeous hanging baskets I'm going to see there. We also moved my hammock from the front porch to the back yard and I like it better there. I all ready had a nice naplet back there with Dogger.

My father also brought me a fabulous lawn mower and not one of those ozone depleting gas sucking monsters, no my mower is electric and so cool. Its almost as environmentally positive as my manual mower but much, much, much more powerful. So I can keep my yard in line while not stepping outside the environmental line.

These are the only flowers I did not plant this weekend, these little beauties are from one the All Blue's. I don't really know why they have bloomed so early or why only one plant has them. There are no other blooms on that plant or any of the others, not even any buds.

Moving on to the front yard.

These are new for 2012. I've ignored these stairs for years and I finally noticed that they too could support flower pots. This year as alomost every year, I planted impatients. I did go a little different this year by not getting pink blooms. I went  instead with white, orange, red and a bright lavender.

What is not visible in these pictures, are the Split Second Morning Glories I planted on Sunday. I haven't totally disavowed pink flowers...

Can you imagine if even a hand full of the seeds I planted sprouted? These frilly pink wonders all along my deck railing? OMG!

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