Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lawn Mower Girl

When I said that I was going to put "some" music on my new toy, what I really meat was "all my music" on my new toy. I stayed up late to do it to, I discovered that 2G really means 216 peaces of music and it has made me re-think just how attached I am to close to the two hours of Aaron Copeland music I included. I think it will depend on how much The New Bohemians catalogue runs. Note for the technologically less evolved, you can not put your collection of cassette tapes on your Ipod. You would think that after all this time they would come up with a way of transferring audio tapes to CD! People get all moist about their ancient vinyl records, but doesn't anyone have a soft spot for that outdated yet touching mix tape from sophomore year?

I have so much technology at my fingertips now, right now for instance, I am listening to a past Wait, wait don't tell me!, I had thought I was going to play my new toy but I decided that I can listen to Alternative ate as a genre whenever I want and Wait, wait...  gets less timely every day it waits on Itunes for me to get around to it. Its important to prioritize your media

Before I got serious about my radio quiz show listening, I came home from work and worked.  I mowed the lawn and carried 108 pounds of dirt from my car to the back yard, While doing this I discovered exactly how much I can carry before its too much - roughly four pounds less than each bag weighed. I can carry fifty-four pounds but I don't really think I should, I can but I don't want to make a habit of it.

I made my  spuds happy though, everyone who needed more dirt got more dirt. This work should not diminish my labors mowing my yard. I paid the lawn mower guy last week and decided that I really could not keep paying him to do my work. So I mowed a lawn that didn't really need me to mow it so that I could mow it myself.

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