Thursday, April 12, 2012


I covered or brought in my outdoor plants and brought my winter pjs out of storage.  Tomorrow morning is going to suck when I have to uncover all my plants and stash the covers. I do not enjoy being faked out by Mother Nature, especially after spring sprung in the middle of March.

Now I just have to hope that the cooler temps don't come wrapped in wind . I think everything in the garden will be all right and really only the green beans might really object to the cold, and they are of course, the hardest to cover. The spuds are not cold weather adverse but enough of the plants are very young that I decided just to cover all of them just in case they are sensitive. My potted plants on the front porch had to be brought in bodily, I'm not going to worry too much about the potatoes I have out there because they are in the ground and pretty thoroughly shielded by the house where they are. I didn't do anything with my blueberries because I have decided that they are a cold weather tolerant plant. Possibly because they are too big and heavy for me to move inside and too delicate to be covered with a sheet.

While I mulled over my cold weather gear options for the garden I went to Wallyworld to shop for ingredients for my next project,  Mitten of Pork! I saw it on Two Fat Ladies and fell in love. I uniformly love pretty much everything they make but I am a lot more fond of  their recipes that include less than 16 ingredients and are made up of foods available on this side of the Atlantic. Even better if they are available of this side of the Atlantic and at Wallyworld. I also just had the thought, as a good Democrat, In honor of Romney being the most likely GOP nominee, am having Mitt for Dinner! My dog rides inside you asshole!

Too often their fabulous recipes take for granted that you have access to loads of freshly butchered game and still wriggling shellfish from the North Sea.  I was very intrigued by this recipe because it calls for pork tenderloin and good bacon, two things here in NC are plentiful and for me, available at a good price at the Pork Outlet conveniently located next door to my office. I was going to pick up some bacon at Wally, but I decided I could get much nicer bacon at the pork outlet, probably more of it and cheaper.

I am making some changes to the recipe as written, instead of fresh white breadcrumbs for the stuffing I am substituting, well, stuffing because its available and I like it. I don't think its going to make a huge difference in taste or texture and  I believe in cooking for your audience and in this case I and the audience and I prefer Pepperidge Farm stuffing. I can't imagine actually enjoying wet, lumpy white bread crumbs no matter how tasty they might be. They will definitely be lumpy, wet, bread crumbs. If the dish is really juicy the crumbs will turn into pork flavored gruel. Ew.

Also coming up this weekend? my County Convention and installing weed barrier in the garden!

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