Monday, April 2, 2012


I love the annual book sale, I'll miss my Kindle but I did  just order a book on it so we won't be separated for long, to that end,  Pottermore opened its gates and now I have a wishlist.

I think I bought responsibly at the sale too, I didn't buy anything I didn't actually want to read, I tried really hard to not just throw everything into the box on $5 box day - just anything that looked like I would like it - even the Carl Hiaasen golf book, I don't like golf but I imagine that I would like a golf book by Carl Hiaasen, how could I not? And that book/booklet about the author of The Girl Who... books, hey, he died young and wrote interesting books. I'm kind of surprised the hipsters aren't running around in tee shirts with his picture on them.

When I brought new books in, I was responsible and took the old books out. I made some decisions and loaded up some titles that after some soul searching I admitted that I was never going to read and put them in the GWI box. I think I'll be adding to it because paperback detective novels really don't appreciate the way say, first addition hard covers do so I can feel pretty good about setting them free.

I didn't add much to the paperback detective novel population. I ended up with a lot of hardcover titles and only a few cookbooks! I don't know what I'm going to do with two books of Nordic cuisine but  if there really is a difference between  Switzerland and Sweden and I will find it.

I went to the book sale twice, the fist day I paid for books and the second day I paid $5 for a box of books, no questions, no inspections no counting! I got to the sale by 10:30 the second day  and it looked like locusts had been through the place. Saturday, the kids books tables were groaning under the weight of the books piled up, bu Sunday morning they were cleaned to the bone.

Even with the greedy, locust like behavior of my fellow book buyers on Sunday I was still able to find a Christopher Buckley and a very new copy of collect humor pieces from The New Yorker and then about twenty-five pounds of "other" - Others that I am absolutely going to read and only a handful that I bought strictly for the value of having them on my shelf - you really can't have too many books about how moronic Shrub was or the general villainy of the GOP. You also can't have too many books about the value of having pets in your life.

On Saturday after the sale I went across the street to the vet school and tried to go to their open house, sadly, it was over behind I got there and all I got to see was Giraffe skeleton and bulletin board dedicated to the Fellowship of Christian Veterinarians.

Sunday I did the garden, or tried to. I really, really wanted to get the irrigation in and finished. I got it in, I didn't get it finished. I took pictures last fall of how I set it up and that helped immeasurably because every year I have to re-invent the wheel and I am not feeling inventive. I was doing well despite having to throw away two rotted out drip hoses but I was doing okay. I did have to run and buy a new one, but that was not unexpected.

I got the whole thing in, it looked great. And then I turned it on. Sigh.

Two-thirds of the hoses worked. Hose "A" and Hose "C" were going like  super soakers, Hose "B" just lay there like, well, a non-functioning drip hose. I decided what I needed to do was to hook Hose "B" to Hose "A" and Hose "C", so that I could double the pressure and keep but ends of the hose occupied and hopefully, the whole thing full of enough water pressure to make it soak like the other over pressured hoses.

I tried to just attach the hoses because I thought we just hook hoses to each other. We do, we don't just willy-nilly hook soaker hoses together. Its going to take a trip to Home Depot to get the job done.

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