Friday, August 3, 2012

To Do list

While I've been redecorating and mouse re-homing, it slipped my mind that I am leaving for vacation in a week and I might want to start thinking about getting ready to go. In a week for almost a month.

I need to decide what I'm going to bring and how much of it I think I can bring with me, I mean, in a perfect world I would just bring everything and not worry about it! Vacation is about opportunities and taking advantage of them! I have a very cute dress that would be totally appropriate to wear to , say, a office casual cocktail party, so common in the rural upper peninsula of Michigan!  because I am constantly every five two eights years, invited to one and on the off chance I am, do I really want to wear my blue berry picking shorts? But I can't bring everything and so what I do bring must multi-task.

For example, REI sells a lovely outfit that can go from kayaking to cocktails to  fireside poetry slam in a flash!  And its SPF 50 and mosquito resistant! Its for women  who  want to go from the High Sierra to High Fashion in less than three outfits. It allows you to be casual and yet still over dressed for every occasion.  You could be crowned queen of the Sierra Club jamboree and lead  the assemblage on a ten mile hike.

You know why poor people are more outdoorsy? they can't afford the wardrobe.

When I'm not thinking about expensive clothes, I am thinking about my expensive technology. I'm bringing the phone, camera, computer,  Ipod and my Kindle and all their plugs and cables and battery packs. I'm not sure there are enough outlets in the house to keep all my toys up and charged and they must be charged because if I am going to be without a TV for three weeks I have to stay plugged in, if I am going to be without a TV for an extended period I will have to keep myself amused. Just because you are off the grid does not mean you have to be offline.

So, which books to bring?  and how many? Do I like the titles I have all ready or should I hit the used book stores?  The Kindle is coming but its not practical for beach use and there is no such thing as buying a used book on Kindle...

I also have to set up my irrigation for the watermelons and arrange the potted plants for best exposure to the water and then I need to  get my mail temporarily sent to our address up there, and get my phone turned into a hot-spot so we don't have to go into town every ten minutes...

So, clothes, mail, technology, irrigation. I am doomed.

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