Friday, September 28, 2012


I was going to give the puppy a bath tonight before he meets my parents for the first time, but instead we avoided the hard work took a long walk through downtown.  I have to admit that he smells  more than a little funky in an enclosed space but his adoring fans in downtown Raleigh didn't seem to mind.

Zig Ziglar made his fortune teaching nebishes how to win friends and influence people but if you don't feel like sitting through and endless seminar on how to be liked, I suggest walking a puppy through downtown.

I made lots of friends and I'm pretty sure I passed  a handful of  very pro-state employees bills though the legislature.   I also think Rocket needs to be getting a check from the weimaraner people for all the good works he's doing for the breed1 He is totally a one-puppy charm offensive! People all over Raleigh are now thinking about weims, talking about weims and looking them up online!  He could be their be ambassadog. If they have  an ambassadog, maybe they have a poster dog! he could become the breed poster dog! I need to make some phone calls!

While I'm on hold, I want to announce that Rocket was dry when I came home today! At least I think he was dry, his crate floor was dry but one of his animals was suspiciously damp and stinky... I don't know if it soaked up whatever urine, or he was just chewing on it aggressively, and it is the toy he brought with him from Puppy Paradise -  So I don't know if it stinks because he uses it has a primitive squeegee or it stinks because its soaked in puppy musk for so long. I really want to think he's not smart enough to use it as a squeegee, because that kind of scares me

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