Monday, October 15, 2012

Ger er' done

What did you do this weekend? I did entirely too much. I did not go to the fair but I did spend a huge amount of time stuck in fair traffic.

My real non-fair related traffic goal, was to get rid of all the potted plants before it gets too cold . I have waited too long in the season and ended up having to deal with cold dirt and colder water or I've avoided the cold water and just put the planters up without cleaning them out properly and while its not a big deal, after a few months the dirt drys out and its kind of a non-event, I don't like leaving them dirty because I fear dirt germs.

It turns out that even if I do wash them out,  dirt remains  and I would imagine, the dirt germs, because while I am all about spraying them out, it turns out I am not all about scrubbing them or making sure they are completely dirt germ free. So, in the future, I will probably not bother with the washing out part because as it turns out its kind of irrelevant and in a the months they are in the basement, I would think the dirt germs would die off.

This is an issues because I have a lot of planters. I knew there were many of them but it wasn't until I saw them all together that I really grasped how many there are in "a lot"

It just seems like a lot of them. The big wooden one I put back into services because I decided that

This Plant

Needed a new home. I went online and was assured that I could re-pot it  in the fall without doing much damage to it. It is either a great idea or I have doomed this plant to a slow and painful death. It survived in that smaller planter for years and over wintered like a champ and now out of nowhere I am noticing it has a base as big around as my wrist and seems to have started a family! and now I decide to replant it? Its going to be very suspicious about my motives.

I needed to replant the plant because its really outgrown it old home and I had this much larger wooden planter available and I decided to go for it. Also, I didn't have anywhere for the big wooden planter! I mean, I did but no where that was easy to get to. My list for next weekend includes cleaning out the shed so that it doesn't go all winter in the condition its in now, and besides next weekend I need to get the tiller and right now that is not possible. So the list now is 1) clean out shed and 2) till gardens.

While I was winterizing, I also decided that it was Time To Bring In The Ferns. It still warm during the day but the nights are getting colder and ferns are set up to deal with cold weather. So now they live indoors. Little Fern moved into Ferns old digs at the backdoor while Fern now lives in the front. I don't know what I'm going to do with Fern if it gets any larger. I don't have any other entry ways for it to spend the winter in.

Small Fern

Isn't he cute? He's just a little guy! okay, he's more like a medium sized guy. Do you remember Fern? Fern has grown.


The ferns were the only beings that really enjoyed the summer weather . Fern clearly was in ecstasy for months. He's like Jurassic Fern now.

That doesn't look like too much. Not like this weekend when I was just really over compensating for having such a blast last weekend. Wicked girl.  Friday night when you were out doing whatever it is people do Friday night, I hear its fun, I was cutting up and de-seeding five watermelons, very labor intensive by the way and not as much fun as it sounds. Why yes, I am old and boring but I had seven watermelons in my refrigerator and they were not aging well and they had to move out before things got even uglier than they were. Some of the smaller melons didn't make it. This year is also the first and last year for that variety. I thought I was getting the same kind I bought he first year but the flat was labeled wrong and I got a smaller, lesser variety and that was annoying as well as disappointing. Next year I am getting a more traditionally sized oblong variety. Damn it.

I took the melon to Alphagal and she kindly turned it into Watermelon Jelly. Los of watermelon jelly. I will take custody of my jellies next week. I hope its good.

Oh, and I spent Sunday afternoon going door to door for the Obama Campaign . Go Team Win! Vote Early!

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