Monday, October 29, 2012

Lake Johnson

I was going to sit down and start this earlier and I would be done by now and half way through my shower but I remembered that  earlier, I had decided to save time and make up a batch of treat dough and then I made dinner and then I forgot about it.

Well. Cookies made. Not as many as I would like but the turkey is just a fatter cookie all around and the beaks are very hard to get right, without a beak they end up looking like peacocks in silhouette - not a bad look, if you are making peacock dog treats but a big loser if you are going for turkey.

I'm going to have to make more because I won't have any to spare when it comes time to bag this batch up. I'll make a second batch but they won't be turkey shaped and I'll get more of them and more is better.

What I really did today was take Small Dog on his first trip to Lake Johnson!  We waited and waited and waited for Sandy to ruin the weekend but she never showed. I did get my front closet cleaned out and winter ready, though so that was a positive. Once at the lake, we didn't spend anytime in the lake but we did spend a lot of time lake adjacent and he seemed very comfortable with that, so progress made. He did however love, love, love running on leash through the forest  and leaping over tree roots and down trees and going up and down hills, all the good sniffs to sniff!. He had a great time and then we walked on the paved path and he met a lot of people and seven dogs and I didn't have a stroke! Yay!

He is going to go in the damn water though at some point, the breeder told me it was okay for him to swim in the winter if I got him dry and warm when we were done and also said that a good swim in the winter won't do him any harm at all. After all, hunting season is in the winter and he would be in and out of the water all the time.

I got him the little sweater at Big Lots because it was getting cold and he hasn't quite grown into his real winter coat yet. Its also going to double as his Halloween costume - Lars, your ski instructor.

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