Thursday, October 11, 2012

Merry Septembermas

today is 10-11-12! Cool, yes?

I have a confession to make. I went into Wallyworld last week and walked into a wall of Christmas. Instead of being disgusted by this early display and ts-king in general about rushing things and the lack of respect for the season and turning the whole thing into a collecting of chotchkies. I'm not a "reason for the season" person and I am all about "Happy Holidays" but come on, September!

But sadly, I saw all of it and said Wow! Christmas! Yay! and even worse, Is this all? They did not have a great selection of lights and I didn't see any Christmas cards. Frankly, it was a disappointing display.

With places like Wallyworld you have to strike while the iron is hot because they don't re-order and its all about carpe -ing that light up whatsit because once its gone its gone and you have lost that whatsit. I hate losing that whatsit.

I can not buy any whatsits this year. I am in a no whatsit zone for the immediate future. This would be okay except this is prime Christmas whatsit season and they are everywhere and I want all of them. I need more Christmas whatsits! I need the gorgeous lit up tree I saw at Big Lots a month ago - I'm totally sure another more affluent Big Lots consumer saw that puppy and snapped it  right then. If i could have found a price on that puppy when I saw I would have snapped it up when I saw it too. even as cheap as Big Lots is, its a danger sign if you can't find a price on something, as Big Lotts can be a bit proud of their stuff sometimes.

I should be horrified by all this Christmas in September nonsense but I just can't find the outrage that should be there, its just wrong. On the upside, I did find most of the Wallyworld Christmas stuff really, really tacky and none of it appealed to me. I guess we'll see how I feel as it gets closer in but right now I'm feeling pretty good about what I've all ready got.

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