Monday, October 1, 2012


Is everyone surprised as I am that is it October?

I did  as little as possible and still got a lot done, for instances I attended  my nieces birthday party and still found time to do laundry and watch four episodes of Say Yes to The Dress . Time well spent, I think. I should have gotten more done, like vacuuming  and tidying the house, shopping for food, packing to go away next weekend... So many things to do, so many other things to do instead.

I did decide on what I'm going to wear to my reunion, so there is that off the list. I went shopping for a skirt and top, could not find the top, bought a skirt that was okayish, came home discovered a skirt I liked better in my closet and then went out again to find the perfect  black light weight cowl neck sweater - which, shockingly, I was able to find; although now I do have some trepidation that my outit is perilously closer to "office casual" rather than the stated really genuinely non-helpful "casual", I am sure there will be women there in cocktail dresses making me feel frumpy and other women there in jeans making me feel really over dressed.  It doesn't matter what the dress code is: I will feel bad about what I'm wearing. Also I don't think anyone needs to know that they last time I wore that skirt was to my Grandmothers funeral.

Do you know what "they" don't tell you about life with a new puppy? You can't run errands, you have to go home at lunch to take care of puppy and have to come directly home after work to do the same. There are no errand running at any time that might be convenient. I need to go to my bank, my bank and the US postal service works standard business hours instead of the more  me friendly "Puppy Training Hours", in the much more useful "Half Hour increments between 4-11pm", because that is  is as long as I can take my eyes off the puppy.

I just dropped about a half a box of breakfast cereal on the kitchen floor. This is Gawds way of telling me "Just Because You Are Hungry, It Does Not Mean You Need To Eat.  Tubby". It is also the first non-pee related mess I've cleaned up in weeks.  I first tried to clear the mess with paper towels and carpet shampoo but it just made it worse.  It turned out it this kind of mess needs to be swept up and does not actually require an emergency application of  watered down bleach or an intervention with Natures Miracle. Who knew? Also,  spilled cereal doesn't leave a stain or an offensive odor.

I know its  training progress if the dog  whines to go out the door but what about if the dog whines to go out at the cabinet door under the sink? Is he really not very bright or is it a very clever way telling me he's thirsty? Its a little worrisome either way.

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