Monday, October 22, 2012

Mother and Child reunion

This weekend I took Rocket back to Puppy Paradise so he could get reacquainted with his Mom and hang out with his sibs.

It took Mama a little bit of time to warm up to her boy, but she eventually forgave him for coming back into her life and they had a nice time together. His two sisters welcomed him back to fold immediately and they spent the afternoon chasing each other around and puppy wrestling. I was really relieved to see that there was so difference in the three dogs size or weight although the breeders were surprised he was not a bigger dog yet. He has a brother who has five pounds on him and that was two weeks ago. Tonka was always the biggest one in the litter while Rocket was in the middle and still is. Rocket - Dog of Consistance!

When th dogs wern't running in the fields they took a dip in the pond - Rocket's first swim!

Rocket was the one standing by the edge of the pond asking about the specs on the life preservers. He did after all that, go in and he did swim, like he was born to it. He swam all the way out of the pond and into the dressing room. He has some progress to make. But on the up side, he did swim and he did not sink. I think he would prefer warmer water. We're going to work on getting him more water positive.

After the pups swim class we took them into the forest. Rocket excels at running in the forest! He had a great time wit his family

They call these dogs  the Gray Ghost for a reason, also the cell does not to care to take pictures in low light or when the subject is moving. Tough for the cell camera.

Here's Rocket looking all cover dog for Field and Stream.

Rocket and Mama Dog Bella together.

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