Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Today was at long last Flu Shot Day. I knew  flu shot day coming for months. I cut out for lunch a little early and went across campus for my flu shot. While I was walking (in the rain) to the building I discovered that I couldn't find my card! Where was it? Didn't I just see it? When was the last time I used it? Didn't I have it over vacation, brought along for emergencies? Did I leave it at any one of my doctors offices during any one of 10,000 appointments last winter? This was not good because I have an appointment Tuesday and I need my card and the nurse wouldn't give me a shot if I didn't come across with the card. Paper nurse.

I had to go home to take care of Puppy so i wasn't a total loss to head home to fetch my as it turned out, out-of-date card back up card, return to get my shot, hopeing that the bored nurse wouldn't really look at the card. She didn't and I got my shot. I got back to my car and went through my wallet again only to find the correct un-lost card in my wallet stuck to the back of another insurance card.

BCBC are cheap bastards who make cheap bastard cards. They aren't even cardboard, the cards are made of cheap typing paper that sticks to better quality insurance cards and makes you think you have lost the card.

On the upside, I made it home to take care of Puppy earlier than normal an thanks to the quick action, he was dry when I came home. He has been such a good boy that in honor of it being cold, I'm going to put his bedding in the crate.  Poor little guy is naked!

Speaking of his nakedness, lets hope he can hold it all night so we aren't outside at 1:45am in the cold and rain. But, if you are going to have cold and rain I'm glad it's the kind we're getting and not the kind they are getting back east. Think positive thoughts for our people in The City who have never really experienced real weather.

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