Thursday, October 18, 2012

Potty Training

Plan B. Now when I catch him peeing I respond immediately with a very unhappy face and a sharp and loud: "NO BAD DOG" and then I hustle him into the yard where I praise him enthusiastically for peeing outside and give a high value treat, something I had stopped doing as we go outside every half hour (my question is, how can he possibly have any more urine in his body? We go out religiously by a timer every half hour from four pm to ten thirty pm, plus  we go on walks! and I cut off fluids three hours prior to bed time! Where is it coming from?) and there are so many high value treats I can keep on hand and once you have run cheese through your clothes washer, well, the washer remembers it ... an additional change in our routine is when I come home and find he has peed in his new and unimproved bedding free crate, I give him a bath ASAP.

I don't see the bath working over lunch but maybe I'll just give him a brisk rub down with a wet wash rag. Something has got to give! Its been four weeks of this and according to the literature, son should be trained by now.

In order to cover my bases and not blame young dog for something that isn't his fault, I looked up Doggy UTI's , because a UTI can cause dogs to have accidents. No such luck, he doesn't have a UTI because he doesn't have any of the symptoms. The symptoms of a UTI sound suspiciously like the Clap to be honest, I had never thought about it. I'm sorry ma'am, you don't have a UTI, those cranberry pills are not going to help, you have Gonorrhea.

I did a search on Google  -" My 13 week old puppy isn't housebroken" and got 950,000 responses. Its good to know I'm not alone but it doesn't make me feel better. I found a suggestion that I should wake us both up in the middle of the night and take him out - sounds  intriguing but if I get him up post crate pee, we'll just wander the yard in the dark for no reason and I'll have to clean out the crate and now its a lot later than 3 am and I have to be up in two hours and now he would be awake at 3am and he doesn't suffer silently or for brief periods. It would be great if he would let me know when he wakes up and needs to pee but he only does this if he needs to poo - this is a huge win for us both, but I would also like it if he let me know about needing to pee too.

But what I don't understand is that he used to be better at all this! He was dry his first two nights at home and his box would be dry when I came home at lunch and often in the morning - but I used a lot of bedding and it easily worked as a sponge and his crate did end up with an odor that would make your eyes water.

Post a good long soak in straight bleach and a couple of hours left in the driving rain, it doesn't stink anymore. I am also very speedy in my response to it when it gets wet - often! Now it gets hit with a bleach/water mix, some Natures Wonder and a dash of apple cider vinegar because the smell is supposed to discourage peeing. Thus far see "often". I did see another suggestion when I was following my search that said I should scatter food on the bottom of the crate after I clean it so that they crate smells like food , I guess another alleged pee discourager. We'll see.

We came we saw we peed on our food. Damn it. He's just going to be the world oldest un-housebroken dog.

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