Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I had a brief moment of panic there but my DNS server is now speaking to me or my modem or whatever it is a DNS server speaks to. It was giving me/us the silent treatment. Passive aggressive bitch.

My phone is back now too, it was a bad few minutes. I did everything I know to do: turn off everything that can be turned off and unplug everything that plugs. Repeat as necessary.

Before the Cataclysm, I took Baby Puppy to the store. I have done this before but this time I didn't have him in his box and also it was after dark. I think one time I left him the car before this it was daytime and he was box-bound. I didn't even think about it, I had a wild hair to go to the store and I decided o bring Puppy with me - after all Daisy loved going in the car and she never seemed to have a problem waiting for me when I went shopping. Puppy is not Daisy.

The biggest difference is that Daisy was much older, I thin k she was born much older than Puppy and I took for granted that since Daisy was a big being-alone-in-the-car-fan that all dogs welcome the opportunity for a short road trip and the chance to do some people watching.

I got about ten yards from the car when it became clear that Puppy was not interested in people watching. I came back to the car and tried to decide what we were going to do. My first idea was to take him out of the front seat and move him to the back. In the front seat he was held fast with his seat belt but once he moved to the back seat he would be off the reservation and up to no good. I then thought about the seats, they have been latched up for the last while and I made the command decision that they didn't need to be up and could now return to their down position. I needed their seat belt latch and it was not reachable in their up position.

Down came a seat. This was harder to do then I had thought while trying to keep one hand on the Puppy to keep him from exploring the parking lot. Once the seat was down, this new configuration intrigued the puppy. he discovered that the seat is a new and exciting addition to his world as well as it makes a perfect dog bed when fully reclined.

Puppy discovered the wonders of people watching from his new favorite place and I did my shopping.

I needed to go shopping ebcause in a moment of weakness I agreed to make dog treats for the combined campaign  Craft Show and Dessert Auction. I had originally also volunteered to bring a cake but in the mean time they have lined up a lot more desserts so I am going to withdraw from that and concentrate on the treats. I was at a loss as to what kind because Christmas is coming and I am going to be making a lot of treats and I don't want to burn out prematurely.

SO what am I not going to make for Christmas? And then it struck me, the sale is November 5! Thanksgiving Treats! I booked it to the store and bought a single bottle of  turkey gravy and a small can of pumpkin and I all ready have the extras I'll need for both varieties and I am set! Yay.

I know,  you care so much, but I do care! I'm only going to make two different kinds and they are fun shapes so it won't take any time at all and keep me entertained! They will be baked and in bags ASAP so there won't be a lot of stressing about it.  I'll give the sale the largest cut but I can keep some for Puppy and the other dogs at work and it can be a win/win all the way around.

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