Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Vote like you know what will happen if you don't.

My cake was popular at he cake raffle. I'm not sure it was the most popular but it certainly was a part of the home coming court. I didn't win any of the raffles I entered, I guess in reality I didn't really need cake around the house. Even a dreamy looking, if a little lopsided lemon cake. Grumble.

I did score for $5 some nice art for the office wall. Its a multi-media piece featuring oils and buttons. Shut up, its cute.

After work I agreed to go work a phone bank downtown but before that I had to walk and feed the dog, go to the pharmacy, eat dinner myself and get myself ready for tomorrow.

So. Tomorrow. Election Day. Vote like reproductive rights of all the women you know, depend on it. Because it does, if The GOP takes office, women will no longer have the right to chose how to manage their fertility.  Your gay friends will be further marginalized if not criminalized , our educational system will evolve into  a morass of "home schools"and segregated private academies and and all that is good will be destroyed. everything that everyone has worked for and towards will be history. We will enter a time of darkness . A period of cultural and educational hell that will make the Dark Ages and the days of the Cultural Revolution look placid and fair. You will wake up Wednesday in a GOP dominated world,  its ideal civilization, a male dominated heaven where women nearly invisable and totally dependent and socially humiliated for "out own good", think world ruled by a Republican dictated Sharia law .


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