Friday, December 7, 2012

Adventures in baking: Food meant for human consumption

Instead of getting anything really useful done, i.e make more dog treats, think seriously about getting started on my Christmas cards, doing a gift census : what I have, what I need what I bought too much of, I decided to take pity on these poor, lonely, long frozen blueberries I rescued from my freezer. They were really sad and I felt bad for them.

In the spirit of that sacrifice and in the interest of helping these poor berries at long last live their destiny, I made a blueberry crumble. I had no idea that there was a use for rolled instant oats beyond that of a dog treat ingredient. But shockingly, the instant rolled oats industry does not just stay in business for the one time a year I buy their product. Who knew? Right?

But Thank God for those once a year dog cookies because without them I wouldn't have had the ingredients handy to whip up the crumble but still, color me impressed with the multiple uses of instant rolled oats.

Unbelievably good. And right out of the oven?  Its just too much.

Oh and today in Pearl Harbor Day. The day that did absolutly change eveything for everyone forever.  For real, no kidding.

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