Monday, December 3, 2012

Treating myself.

Puppy's newest trick to bark!bark!bark! whenever I am not in the same room as he is. I do not believe he does this when I am not at home. Puppies are such fun. I have no memory of Daisy doing this, she seemed very happy to be on her own. Weims are called he "Velcro breed" and this must be a breed trait. He doesn't understand that I do not need him with me while I am in the basement or making the bed or anything else that I really do not need company to complete. I think the solution is just move his crate from room to room so he can at least be closer to me while I am getting work done. He seems to not mind the crate as long as he can feel as though he is a part of the activity. He is completely calm and happy and silent while he is with me.

Puppy was with me in the kitchen for the baking and to keep him safe from the stove and my temper, I tied his leash to the door and thus he could be with me without being with me. We were both satisfied with the arrangement.

 I have gotten much done on Operation Cookie 2012. Thus far I have made ten varieties to the tune of just short of two thousand cookies. I have two kinds  left that will add more or less three hundred and fifty to the number and then all that's left is to fill the bags and get them mailed or delivered. Yay.

In between batches, I got my outdoor decorations up. Its a very small display this year  and I'm happy-ish with it, but I'm not done yet so there is hope for full on "happy". What I did not get done was my indoor decorating -other than the tree, which is fabulous, but the rest of the house is bare and I need to get on it. I don't think the Santa's are coming out this year either, possibly some of them but I still need somewhere to display them properly where they can be seen but not disturbed . I also attened Raleigh's "Winterfest" and a new thing for me, "Artwalk" though the Boylen Heights neighborhood. I was hardly chained to my stove.

Maybe just the big Santa's. Or the really cute Santa's. Or the really nice Santa's...

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