Friday, January 25, 2013


I want everyone to know that I have done my part to prevent the bad weather. The car needed gas and I went out in the dark and the cold and put gas in my car. Thank You

I'm still thinking about agility training . Some of the skills we can do just by doing what we're doing : Leaping, climbing, balancing... but there are some other skill sets that its harder to practice when you are doing gorilla training.

Today we found poles! Poles are an important part of the agility course and so far the only thing we haven't worked on, mostly because I didn't know about them. Here is what traditional agility poles look like

Here is what our poles look like

There are some significant differences, clearly. But it does give us the chance to work on learning about "in and out" and "back and forth" and other skills that don't nessarly come naturally and are not easy to learn. I'm not sure exactly how you are supposed to teach a dog to go through the course, it doesn't seem like the kind of behavior you see in dogs or I've seen in dogs, so we're necessarily having to start slow. I'm going to go on YouTube and see how you are supposed to teach the skill. Maybe I'll go find some bike flags to use, we'll see.

At the very least we were able to work on getting him used to "in-between"  and his foot work. Yay for exercise.

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