Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday, Friday

Today we're going to see if the puppy can actually exhaust himself by spenig hours pointlessly yapping. We are conducting this little experent because there may be something wet and solid falling from the sky, maybe, or not, depending on your mood and we are not going on any long, puppy exhausting walks.

It is also windy and cold and all together nasty. It is unsuitable for dog walking. It is unsuitable for pretty much any activity that does not  involve wrapping yourself in an electric blanket and a puppy, and camping out in front of the TV.

It is so wet and nasty that I have been seduced by Project Runway All Stars - a show I do not watch, for many reasons but most notable because its  on Lifetime and to add insult to injury seems to be staffed by such Lifetime luminary's as "Random Ragged Blond" and " Off Brand British Blond Lady who is not That Guy". I would do something else but it would just be too much work. It feels very rainy Saturday afternoon instead of rainy Thursday evening but tomorrow is not Sunday, I have to go to work.

The puppy has yapped himself into exhaustion. We shall see if this is just a nap or if he can manage to go the distance.  Maybe I should wake him up so he doesn't  use all his available fatigue up prematurely. I gave him his bone and now he is using it as a pillow. Sigh.

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