Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Two steps forwards, three, four steps back.

I wasn't going to say anything but I can now, I've declassified Operation Give That Dog  A Bed  because it was a total failure. He had a chance, he slept on a nice, soft cozy bed all weekend and it was wonderful! He was so happy! I was so happy! I thought we had turned a corner!  It turns out, we were in a cul de sac.

Its not that I am ready for him to stop being a puppy or I resent his puppy atributes, I don't! I love puppy Rocket! I want him to stay young and happy and bouncing forever! I just didn't relize he was going to be an infant for so long... I just don't remember Daisy being so young for so long.

Rocket is six months old, in Dog world, he's entering his teens.Its like having a teenager who is still in diapers. He had it all over the weekend, he could have lived in a whole new world: A world where his bed  was soft and warm, where his bed cuddled him, it was everything he didn't know he was missing. I would have been okay with risque posters on his crate walls, the lieing the sneakingthe cats kibble! all of it! I am ready!

 But maybe, maybe I am not ready for him to not come when he's called or to eat my stuff. He's always stuck to his toys but sometimes he gnaws on the table... what happens if teenage Rocket really eats my table? I almost think, if he could eat my table and be dry when I come home for lunch, it might just buy a new table because I'm a little ambivalent about the one I have now.

But... Here in the now:  he blew it. Back to bedding down up with Thursdays Metro Section and last Sundays International page. It was a dream and he woke up on the wrong side of the bed after lunch with wet feet. He could have had a real dog bed, a real, soft, squishy warm bed all the time. But no, he took the opportunity and just let it go.... So irresponsible, so just not what I had been hopeing for him, I had all these dreams for him, I was going to price out beds his size, I was going to pull out Daisy's old bedding, I was going to do a lot of things. Mostly things featuring fluff. I dreamed about a world for him that was not stained with newsprint.

Now, I'm going to put more paper in his crate and try to figure out how much paper I'm going to need for the bigger box he'll be moving to soon. A lot I think, a lot, lot. Daisy didn't have paper in her box. ever. She enjoyed soft, warm bedding from the start. Daisy was potty trained.

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