Monday, January 28, 2013

Winter Wallyland

And how was your weekend? Here we apparently experienced winter. It was a shock. A cold, wet, ultimately short-lived shock. Did you know that in the absences of a real ice scraper you can use a paper bag to the same effect? No, no you can not, it does not work at all well and leaves your with wet gloves and an icy windshield. You can  however sit in your car for fifteen very cold minutes while you defroster does its job though.

Its not as wide or and nice or as well made as the almost identical one I bought Brosky, but this one cost $4 and lives in my car. Now.

Here are some terrifying photographs of the winter carnage

School got out early for this.

Thanks to the less than  inviting weather outside I did get a lot of indoor work done. I did a lot of laundry, put a lot of laundry away, made dog cookies, did some tidying, ran the dishwasher  multiple times, made myself some mac and cheese with ground turkey with garden grown peppers and tomatoes, watched The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, had Rocket field test all three of this winter coats- we had three separate weather patterns to contend with! It wasn't just vanity. It is important to match your outer wear to the weather. You don't want to go into a blizzard with a windbreaker any more than it would be a good idea to wear your parka when a lighter coat would do. Now he has healthy options available to him, cute options but that is totally irrelevant, this is about his health.

And then the ice melthed and I was able to escape my house and go run errands.  I bought a birthday girft for my nephew and got some sausage on sale! Not at the same place even! One of our trips out was to Wallyworld - I know, shocking. I was coming back to my car when I saw what looked like a bird down by a car. There were a lot of birds around and I thought one was hurt.

I got out of my warmed up car to go investigate this. Cursing the decaying moral fiber of my fellow Walmart shoppers all the way. I got closer to the injured bird only to discover it was  not a bird. Went back to my car cursing my fellow shoppers for not stopping to check on the not bird themselves. Grumble.

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