Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Garden 2013 3

And back to me

Saturday it rained all day and I watched TV. I finally dragged myself up from the chaise and did some laundry and felt very useful. Saturday morning Broskey and Nephy came over put up my shelf.

Finally, a purpose! My book shelf needed books! I have books! It was time to put books on my shelf! But. Books can't stand up by themselves. I had to run an errand, I hate shopping!  At Office Depot, they only had three different sizes and five different styles! How am I supposed to make an informed decision?

And then I looked at the prices.

And suddenly I had a real affinity for basic black. Once home I began to over think how to organize my books. I settled on "basic cook book", "cooking with tool" and "cooking with meat choice", as design decisions go, its not as pretty as it could have been had I gone with size and color and page length - but, I can see what I have and now I know I have two Scandinavian cookbooks. Most people don't need a single scandinavian cook book but I don't need two. Clearly, I am very awesome.

I also noted, now that I can finally see my cookbooks, that I have both the Escoffier Cookbook as well as the Road Kill cookbook. What range! Sadly, I haven't made anything on either because I can't get my hands on squished squirrel or shrimp stock.

And that was Saturday.

Sunday it stopped raining and I stopped watching TV and started working. I finsihed my laundry and then I turned to the outside. I have really wanted to get my potatoes in the ground and I have been thwarted for weeks. I also had over thinking issues involved with what and how much of what to plant. I bought a handful of lovely spuds at my favorite high-end nursery, I bought only what I wanted and got some very nice spuds. I had been waiting for that store to get in more stock and if I had really been in the mood to go on in the rain on Saturday, I might have got a handful of high quality Yukon golds from them. Instead I went to Wallyworld in the sunshine and bought a lot of Yukon's for  very little.

I had not wanted to end up with "a lot" and that's why I had favored my local nursery. My local nursery is religious and not open on Sundays. I changed my mind about "a lot" and changed my thinking. I like yukon's and so do many people I know. If I end up with more than I can use, well, I can give them away. Which is a win.

I was going to buy dirt for this planting but I noticed that I have this whole yard and in my yard is dirt, lovely, freshly rained on, full of wormy goodness, free dirt. I made quite a little bit of trench when filling my containers. I ran out of container before I ran out of yukon's. My trench was no longer a tripping hazard or a nascent pond! It was a perfect home for my yukon's!

From left to right, Kennebec's, new reds and two yukons. The Kennebecs are a late season spud, they won't be ready to go for another one hundred days. The new reds are sixty-five to eight-five days, an early season, and finally the yukons and eighty-five to ninty day, mid season harvest.

I am now experimenting with old school farming.

I planted my vegetable scraps with the spuds and then after I filled it in, scattered a lot of  grass clippings over it to act as fertilizer and to keep everything warm.

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