Tuesday, February 12, 2013

How my garden will grow

Progress is being made!

What you are seeing peeking out from the top of the picture in plastic bags, are two potato varieties - Kennebec and red. I'm going to also plant Yukon golds and maybe all blue but if I saw a variety that was good for use as a baking potatoes I would substitute that for the all blues.

My corn is there along with two different kinds of sunflowers, one big and one really big, perhaps a little bigger than I had anticipated growing,  the American Giant Hybrid grows up to 16 feet tall! My other variety grows  edible seeds. This plant will "only" get six to eight feet tall. The piker. I hope they grow in my yard, I grew a Mexican Sunflower last year and it seemed mostly happy, it didn't get very big but it was woody as all hell and the flowers were small but it was a nice plant. I am hopeing for a lot of nice sunflower plants this year.

I should have picked up my green beans, blue lake, while I was there but I was blinded by the sunflowers. I ordered a nice big sauce tomato from Burpee, but I'm going to need some slicers as well. I'm going to get the rest of my tomatoes and peppers and watermelon plants from local sources. This years melons are going to be oblong and larger than the ones from last year - a mistake by the dealer and an all around not great melon. There will also be no peas this year.

But there will be corn! It supposed to be not hard to grow and the variety I'm going to plant are designed to be grown in containers and they will grow along with the potatoes. I think the melons will grow around the base of the containers. The green beans are going to be grown for the first time outside the  traditional garden and instead I am going to use a  contraption in the yard to grow them because the trellis throw too much shade on the rest of the garden and hold back the other plants. The contraption itself looks like a smaller May Pole and I look forward to seeing how it works. I'm used to getting a big yield and I hope this new lay out is just as productive.

April 15th, AKA, Planting Day is 9 weeks away! There is so much to do! I need to get potting soil for the potatoes and corn, new dirt for the garden! I need to till everywhere I'm going to have plants! get my weed barrier,  the little plastic jobbers that hold the barrier down , my plants... of course the drip hoses and the timer. I don't have much time!

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