Friday, February 15, 2013

Schooling Him.

If everything they told me at Puppy School orientation is accurate nd based on "truth", in six weeks I'll have the world's perfect dog. He will come when called, he will sit when told and he will stay there until I release him. He will go to his "place" and he will like it.

He will no longer pull  on the leash, finally after more than a decade of continuous use, allowing me to retire the geriatric pinch collar for good and the only jumping he'll have any interest in will be on the agility field.

He will be the ideal house guest as well as greeting all guests, two and four legged, with all the grace of a British butler.  He will be an artist rendition of dog. The Platonic ideal canine.

And all this will take is 127,000 dog treats , hours and hours of training and carpel tunnel baiting clickering.

It will be fun. Funish.

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