Friday, March 22, 2013

Getting our feet wet

There are two good things about getting up at night to potty the dog. The first thing is of course that a dog that goes out to potty at 2:30 in the morning doesn't pee his box at 5am and the second is that it is the unique opportunity to back to sleep.

  Of course all this going-back-to-bed rides on when he wakes up. - if he sleeps too "late" I don't catch much of a break, but then I also get annoyed when he wakes up "early" , thus allowing me to go back to sleep, because I take him out every half hour in the evening to prevent any waking up and peeing, much less waking up to pee an hour and half after we went to bed.

  I am doing everything right why is my dog not potty trained yet!!!????

I am getting better and alerting as soon as he wakes up instead of not waking up until he has started peeing. Now I jump out of bed at the first sound of wakefulness and race him outside so he can relieve himself. This does come at a cost though, since I am listening for him to start shifting around, I know I'm not sleeping as soundly as I could be and I can feel the difference.

At eight months old he should be completely potty trained or at least pretty much completely trained, and in his defence, as long as I am available to take him out periodically he is. On the positive sided, he isn't wandering around peeing on the carpet and he will go to the door to let me know he wants to go out. Score, but its an empty victory when I am cleaning the crate again.

I do think I have created some of the problem, I came home every day for five months and while he seems pretty good at the 6a-12p shift, its the 12p -4p that he has a problem with. Its the 12a-4a shift that's bad too. Do they make diapers for adult dogs?

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