Friday, March 8, 2013

Local Politics

Well, out of nowhere I had this surprise precinct meeting and so, yeah. We again did not make quorum because why would any one actually come to the meeting?All the other precincts make quorum and have a huge turn out and we never do,its shameful and I know its someones fault, it has to be because its too frequent. I don't know who convinced people not to attend but someone got the word out years ago to skip the meetings. The neighborhood in the past was a famous  and very effective Democratic machine. I want to know who threw a wrench into it and why.

 Our chair didn't even come because he resigned from the position and possibly the party because the Democrats are paying too much damn attention to those  nasty Hispanics and taking the African Americans for granted.

Super. Did not know he was a racist. I guess he's a libertarian now.

To make up for the fact we were short one person ( over and over and over again, every damn year) to make quorum we now have to meet next week like bad children and do the meeting again, hopefully without the hour of speechifying  but with the free donuts.

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