Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Planning is hard.

Before I beg/borrow/steal my blocks I need to know how many I'm going to need and just how long this garden is going to be. I also decided that the watermelon garden area is also going to get its own blocks as well, so I have to include that number as well, not to self, measure space.

I made a half arsed initial survey of the new garden and my phone tells me that its roughly, very roughly, thank you phone, about 42 feet long, not the entire length of the fence because I need to be able to access the vegetable garden and there is a tree in the way that would impede the sun my sunflowers will need. So roughly, very roughly 42 feet of space.

Now, just how many blocks will I need? I went a checked out a very conviently located and unsupervised pile of blocks and found them, um, lacking. Too many were in bad shape and would need a lot of cleaning up to be used for a project as decorative as this one. They were also "three hole" blocks and I think I would prefer "two hole" brinks. Because all of a sudden I am a concrete brick designer and these things matter to me.

I checked online, I could have just measured what I have in the yard but that would have entailed going to the basement, digging out the tape and then measuring it by hand in the dark and it a little cool outside so I asked the Internet and the Internet said that the average size of a concrete block is 8x8x16 . So each brick is 16 inches long, how many will I need to line a space roughly, very roughly, 42 feel long. This would be much easier if they were a foot long.

I am learning disabled and math phobic and there are too many numbers involved here. I think, using all my fingers and toes and writing down a lot of sixes, that I will need roughly, very roughly, 22 bricks, plus the unknown number for the un-measured watermelon plot. Good. Half of one problem solved, next issue,  actually getting my hands on the bricks...

And then there is the dirt issue. I'm going to need a lot. And then there is a water issue, I'm going to need a longer hose... I need a plan.

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