Friday, March 15, 2013


Friday night is going to be all about drilling obedience lessons. All. About.  It was going to be Wednesday but then I had to go to Wally and I'm pretty sure I Had thought that Tuesday night was going to be All Drill All Night Night but then it wasn't and then Thursday was going to be all about the drill but I had a make up precinct meeting so that idea was shot all to hell.

I am now the vice chair of precinct 1-20, again so we have that. Last time I was too white for the position but apparently this year I'm just fine. Whatever.  I've been going to these meetings for eleven years, we meet once a year, new chair wants us to meet once a month! For what?! Its not an election year and you can't get blood from a stone and without anything to vote for you can't get those stones motivated and just try making them care about municipal elections.

We do however have a Voter ID issue and that might get their election. I didn't dare tell them I bring a picture ID and my voters registration with me every time out of habit and thus far my rights don't feel abridged. I am not poor and black and old either.I understand the alarm, its  a slippery slope and the NC GOP wants to turn the clock back and if I was a minority I would want to stop that clock before they pull the poll tax back into the light or decide that we should all be tested on Polish current events prior to casting our votes. Or even decide that maybe not all of us really need to vote...

This weekend when I am not drilling up/down/sit/stay the hell with the dog, I am going to replant potatoes with dirt harvested from the garden. I don't want to have to pay the city or buy bags'o dirt from Big Lots, but it is what I did in the past and my spuds sprouted and this year thus far we do not have sprouts. I want sprouts.

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