Thursday, April 18, 2013

Garden 2013, Day 1

My good friends at Burpee decided that today would be the day I get the plants in the ground - Mostly by sending me my plants, with instructions o get them into the ground ASAP. So in the ground they went.

This was the first time they have arrived on a week day, normally they arrive on a Saturday. It was a surprise but a good surprise and so in the ground they went.

Aren't they adorable?

I decided that if Burpee thought it was warm enough to plant my 'maters that it must surely be warm enough to get my corn in the ground, or "into the potting mix" as well. I amended it with some gentle fertilizer and a couple of handfuls of alfalfa - Corn is a "heavy feeder", so I started it off with a nice meal.

In a couple of  weeks I'm going to plant more seeds and a couple of weeks after that, more still. I have fifty seeds all together. I don't have to plant all of them all, but why not?

Since I had the camera out I took everyone else's pictures too

The container potatoes. I wish they were all doing as well as the first barrel, but it gets the most sun and is further along. Maybe I should move the others around a little? But as the summer progresses the ones further down the line will get more sun.

The experimental traditionally planted potatoes.

This weekend it is suposed to be wet and cool so I most likely won't get anything else in the ground, but I am planning on getting the pallet garden at least constructed this weekend. I would like to get my watermelons purchased and planted sooner rather than later and I want my peppers and slicing tomatoes to follow them. The beans are going on their very own Bean Tee-Pee and that isn't going to go up until the end of the month. I need to breath. I need to go to the Farmers Market.

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