Monday, April 29, 2013

Garden Day 2

There was then and then there was now

This "after" and "before". AKA After my father and I unloaded 1000 pounds of dirt, and before the thousand pounds of dirt.

Along the fence I plantd five Ixora Maui" shrubs, they will do well over the summer but they'll die in the fall. No loss, they were under $5 a plant. Here is a picture of Ixora
In is tropical home, it grows into hedge rows. Here it won't be as happy but it will be pretty.

Clearly, the smaller of the pallets is planted with curly parsley, fennel and chives, the blank spots are planted with carrots. Along the bottom are some flowing blue and white flowers. The watermelon are both oblong varieties. The actual kinds aren't important, but they do look different so I can keep track of which is more productive and who gets a job next year.

 It is not going to be a good year for beans. This is the worst planting location in the yard. The Tee-Pee is lovely though and put together by my Dad.

Sunday I battled with the irrigation timer and slept. It rained and was cold and the garden and I were exhausted.  My Dad did all the really hard work.

* Not pictured - Me stepping on  the prongs of a rake first thing Saturday morning and slamming the handle into my left temple. Thanks to working in he theatre I was able to curse and keep working!The only acceptable excuse for stopping is death! (this should be said in the chirpy-ist tone possible) Thank you Theatre for teaching me that suffering blunt force trauma is no reason to stop what I was doing. I got the damn job done.

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