Monday, April 8, 2013

Job list shortened

Well. Did some work. I mowed both lawns, bought bags of dirt to ammend the garden, replaced two rotten drip hoses, laid the new hoses and put down the weed barrier. Fought with the hoses about their lack of drip uniformity, decided if I can't see the hoses it makes it harder to be unhappy about their drip rate.

Worked like a dog, by the way. I know this because I had the dog with me the whole time and he assured me that I was indeed, working like a dog. He would know.

We started out looking like this

Eight bags. And don't the weeds look nice all mowed and disguised as grass? I also took the time to till up a bald place and prep it for either being where the beans are grown or as a new place to plant grass.

I was concerned it wasn't getting enough sun, but I think I watched it today and I think it gets enough. Its more about the warmth it gets and how much time it spends being warm. The beans on the trellis didn't get that much light, given the trellis threw a lot of shade and so a lot of the beans were in the shade anyway. I am hopeing my new and improved Bean May Pole or Bean Tee pee is less shady and more bean growy or at least doesn't keep my other plants from growing. Its a issue, I would like to use both sides of my garden. Now sans trellis, I just have "garden".

Post amending of garden

Doesn't it look fertile? Its all tilled and soft and  so full of worms and nutrients. Soon its going to be warn and full of worms and nutrients and hopefully we'll have a good year.

Its not done yet though, it needs irrigation to grow strong plants. I use drip hoses for irrigation, brand new drip hoses, which I have three of, come from the store tools of the devil and to get the devil out, it is important to put them on the rack over night. I wish I had known about this tactic years ago as one year I was tied up over night and left to die of exposure by my drip hoses. They did this out of spite and pure evilness. If I had but known all it took was a night on the rack to change their attitudes, well... I would not have been tied up and left to die from exposure.

My backyard is roughly thirty feet long. I know you were curious.  The hoses run twenty-five but there was some space left at either end. Roughly thirty feet more or less. I could build a bowling ally.

The next day I arranged the hoses, cursed at the hoses and the ultimately covered the hoses up. Also cursed at the weed barrier while covering up the cursed hoses.


I amy very well aply the damnable weed baiier to the alternate garden as well and plant my soon-to-be-bought watermelons.

I need to be nice to the barrier because it is also going to be used for the pallet gardens and I need to come to terms with it before that. I will try to not curse the cursed weed barrier, I will think only positive thoughts about it... Yay Weed Barrier!!!

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