Friday, April 5, 2013

Orange ya glad you're inside?

I did not walk Rocket when I came home today. I came in, I sat down and took my shoes off and stayed there  It was raining and cold and I didn't want to walk a couple of miles in it and Rocket didn't want to either. He went outside  breifly and did what he had to do and we both came back inside and watched TV.

Two hours later I decided that we needed to go for a walk and so we did, around the block as quickly as possible because it was still raining and now it was cold and neither of us were excited about it. And we came back inside and I toweled him off and turned on the electric blanket and parked myself in front of the TV and Rocket found a good toy to maul and we were happy and warm and not outside.

Rocket did not bounce off the walls or try to eat my house. He watched me make my dinner and then ate his own. And then we watched TV. We did go outside to for him to relive himself but he didn't waste time and it was only briefly unpleasant for us both.

But I ran out of things to watch on the DVR and I needed cat dust and tea and it was still early  and I had exhausted the DVR. I said "Hey lets go for a quick trip to Food Lion so I can get some tea and some cat dust! And so we piled into the car and we went to Food Lion and I got some cat dust and a bag of shreeded cheese and some powdered parm ( because baby puppy can't be asked to eat his kibble plain!) and some cheese puffs. Because baby puppy loves him some cheese puffs - (cheapest training tool ever)

And I hit the road and noticed I didn't have any bottled tea! I went to Food Lion to buy tea and came away with a lot of fake cheese and no tea! On to Wallyworld for Tea Damn it. And came away with tea and raisins and mac and cheese. A lot of fake cheese in my life right now.

The dog is now in a cheese puff coma and I am about to see what happens if I watch live TV. It should be exciting.

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