Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pallet Anxiety

I took a good look at my pallets and decided that I needed a new plan. I watched a lot of how-to videos  and I thought I had found the version that I was going to go with... but then I took a good look at the pallets : They don't look like the pallets in the videos.

My pallets have a lot more open space and there is an issue of practicality that needs to be addressed. To follow what ai saw on line I would need to use a lot of heavy dirt and not to mention the huge number of heavy plants I would have to buy to plant as densely as I would need to, to go all in with the directions I thought I was going to follow. I'm going to go with the pocket directions that I had originally disguarded as being too much work as well as not being well suited for the larger pallets that I ended up with.

Oops.My bad! The pockets will be fine, albeit on a larger scale then the video. My pockets are going to be more like plant hammocks because they are going to be longer  and wider than what was in the videos. I think it will still work and I'll be able to put them upright immediately instead of waiting for the roots to grow to the point they would hold the dirt together.

I had also thought I was going to have to concentrate on trailing or cascading varieties but now I can also look at some that get some height as well, I'm going to plant taller flowers on the top and maybe on the bottom, but it will depend on how many pockets I am able to get across the pallets and how far down they hang.

I hope the strawberries I'm going to fill the larger of the two pallets with don't mind the pocket idea or I could go with my original idea and either keep the pallet on the ground - which is doable, really, or just plant super densely and hope the roots hold the dirt in - or I could make dirt pillows and just cut a lot of holes for the plants to peak through, holding in the dirt but still allowing for the pallets to be up and off the ground, my preference. This is requiring a lot more thought than I had imagined I was going to have to out into what seemed like a simple little project. The Internet lied!

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