Monday, May 13, 2013

Doing nothing and doing badly.

I started the weekend with a plan : I will do nothing all weekend. Period. No plans, no list, no expectations of getting anything accomplished.

I failed miserably. I got up earlyish Saturday and mowed the lawn, with the manual mower because the grass wasn't that long and it was early and I decided that having to waltz with the extension cords sounded like more work then I wanted to do. I went over  the yard twice.

Then I did laundry, a lot of laundry and to add insult to injury I put it away!. Things were not going to plan at all! I did some assessing and decided that my DVR was getting dangerously full and I really needed to get it cleared out a bit. Finally, something I was supposed to be doing! I took a lot of pride in opening up so much of its memory. It was a tough job but someone needed to do it.

After recovering that all that I got around to getting my new timer hooked up. This started out being fun but ended up being less fun because even though its the same manufacturer, they made upgrades to the product and now its much, much better and I will totally take advantage of its new functions later on in the summer when I go on vacation - but for the time being, its a lot harder to get access to the manual hose function and I had to figure that out. I mean, for real, it was a lot harder than it sounds.

After that, I needed another rest and lunch and I wanted to check on the dog. He was fine, sound asleep, but fine. he slept a lot on Saturday. I don't know if it was the cumulative effect of four days at doggy daycare or his first dose of Prozac but whatever the underlying cause, he wasn't anxious or bothered by anything. Because he was unconscious.

I found some more stuff to launder- and put away! And then I got a wild hair to  wake Rocket up and go check out the green-way near my house,  it turned out to be lovely and we had a great walk and we will be going back. Soon it was time for dinner and more TV. It was a good day, busier than I had planned, but a good day.

And then it was Sunday. Due to all my hard work on Saturday, Sunday I should hve been back on track. Instead I went to the book fair - ZOMG! So many books! I didn't even know it was Book Fair Weekend until Saturday night and by that time it was almost over. Its a four day event and I am usually there at lest three times. This year I didn't make it until $5 A Box day, the bitter end.

Despite the fact I really don't have any room for more books and I haven't really been reading a lot since Rocket came, and it was the last day of the sale - I still managed to somehow fill a box to over the rim. I also have arms one half inch longer than I had on Saturday. Then even more off my plans, I went to the mall with Alphagal and we looked at cell phone upgrades! My new phone is going to be awe-some! I mean, I really need to make a list next time so that I could actually stick to my plans.

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