Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday May 17

I marched into work with my bright red glasses and  one person noticed! Uno! They are bright red and plastic and significantly different than the old glasses. Significantly. As in I looked in every mirror in Sears as I passed though because I looked different.

Not different enough apparently.

My DVR has nothing set to record. Nothing. Well not "nothing", it has TDS and Colbert but nothing  else. No interesting design shows no new fish tank show - emphasis on "new fish tank show", plenty of fish tank reruns but I can't bring myself to be interested in re-watching fish tank construction. Once you know for sure it doesn't leak, there isn't much drama. Even my wedding dress shows are on hiatus. I have no one to feel superior to.

I'm sitting here realizing that Rocket has the worst gas of any creature ever. Period. I blame a combination of bargain wet dog food and the boiled eggs I've been feeding him for this. Its always been shockingly bad, but now its so frequent that its hardly shocking. I feel I should start to eat very gassy foods just to let him know what its like to share a roof with a faulty catalytic converter but I'm pretty sure that he wouldn't care and would most likely, be critical my efforts and offer tips and suggestions to better foul the air and how to most efficiently empty a room.

Speaking of clear rooms. I saw flowers appear on a couple of my potato plants and I decided to go spelunking ( flowers are a sign that the spuds have "set" and the plant is no working on growing under ground verses growing my leaves and branches)  I found no spuds the bin I explored and a single in the ground. I am hopeing I didn't go down far enough  or I wasn't as near to a plant as I thought. Another thought, if you have a choice between carrot seeds in tape form or lose carrot seeds, pay the extra and get the tape kind. For real.

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