Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Walk like a...

I had a light house cleaning scheduled for Tuesday evening so I planned for Rockets walk to start a little earlier and end promptly, we were to walk to Fayetteville Street and then we were going to turn around and come home. Period.

I wanted to be able to get myself and him fed and the house cleaned early enough to allow for some quality reading time and maybe, if there was time, a trip to the grocery to pick up more powdered cheese for Rockets food, we're out and its not pretty. Boy dog needs to gain some poundage and not having the magic cheese is not helping that happen.

We left the house late and then got side tracked once downtown by a very nice shop owner who invited us into her store and then preceded to shower Rocket with treats. Treats he would not eat. It wasn't until. she started to seriously work his ears that he finally deigned to eat her very nice dog treats. Brat.

We left there and proceeded to Fayetteville street and then kept right on going the wrong direction. Because I suck. But because I have no self control I was able to finally check out the building they have been working on for months to take it from a horrible fifties era update to return it to its original glory. Its not quite glorious yet, but its going to be gorgeous. And we kept going.

And we went further downtown and I decided that I would like to go find the street I saw a couple of weeks ago in the car but didn't have a chance to really explore. I did find it and I did find out that The Fiction Kitchen is not a bookstore/diner. Instead its a vegan restaurant! It doesn't have anything to do with books or reading or real food, what a waste.

We met lots of people and Rocket would have made the CGC trainer proud. He actually sat with out being told to when people stopped us to pet on him and talk baby talk with him and was so calm and collected over and over. The real test was on our way home (much later than scheduled). We met a lady holding a teeny little yappy dog in her arms...

She wanted to pet Rocket and Rocket is of course, all about being told how pretty he is and despite being excited about being pet on, I wasn't worried about him. I was worried about the yappy little beast in her arms! That dog-thing was inches from Rockets' tender nose and I just knew it was going to freak out and either startle him into therapy or just haul off and bite him and cause a scene and a new set of issues for Rocket.

Instead the beast was very polite if a bit tense, but Rocket was incredibly gentle and not only did he remain seated, he stayed that way when the little dog licked his nose! So Proud of Rocket! What a good dog! It was just the sweetest thing to watch. My dog is a good dog.

We made it home only forty or fifty minutes later than I had originally scheduled and I got the cleaning done and made it to the store and got a little reading in. Score.

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