Thursday, June 27, 2013


I keep thinking of all these things that I still need to get done and then I watch American Pickers instead.

Oh, every day is a new opportunity to find out what Rocket thinks is a toy - today he thought a plastic package of masonry nails was really cool and earlier this evening he chewed up a paperback. The nails survived, the paperback did not.

I just went and stood in in the rain so I could secure  a sprinkler head. Also it was dark. I'm not absolutely certain that the timer it is attached to works. I keep thinking of little things I should be doing and then I find an excuse to put it off till the last second because for some reason it seems like a better idea?  What am I going to do with it now? I can keep track of this for four days? Right.  I mean, what if I like lose the container of pills? I could lose them! Where am I going to put them until we leave? And I can't deal with my meds because I have one script to pick up and then I can do my thing. I dn't normally do that job until Sunday and now I'm going to do it on the wrong day! I need to hire someone to do this stuff for me. I just can't deal with all these things having to be done counter  to my normal schedule! I am not good at this.

For no reason I separated out S-SU-M meds for Rocket. I don't know why, I'm going to be here Saturday morning and I'm not afraid I'm going to forget them. But, now if I remember, I can take his pill bottles and put them with my pills and away we'll go. So now I have to deal with Fridays pills.

I think overall though I am pretty ready. I've  had these OMG! I must pack all the  ( fill in the blank) right NOW! spasms for three weeks so a lot of stuff is done. I intentionally harvested the potatoes a little early - which was weird, because its not like they were going to pose a real scheduling conflict or anything, but it made me feel like I was doing something. My clothes are packed, and I'm really down to shoes now and that's already been pretty much going to be tevas and  sneakers and I'm mulling flip flops for the car trip. I'm not going to over think my footwear.

I'm going to overthink my footwear.

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