Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Garden Day 7

Okay. Time marches on and so do the plants.

The Sunflowers are getting taller

These are the tallest and the strongest, this is despite the fact they are not covered by the sprinklers and pretty much are doing things the old fashioned way, they do get more and better sun though. They should get a couple of feet taller than they are now, right now the tallest is just about six feet.

I thought they would get good sun here but apparently its not quite as much as the other patch. These are getting regular water though. These plants are topping out about six inches shorter than the other patch.

I'm going to miss this blooming! Broskey doesn't know it he's going to be keeping his camera on this guy so I can see it. Its going to be gorgeous.

Speaking of getting tall! Not quite as tall as an elephants eye, but its doing well.

This guy is almost ready to go. I might take him Friday just because it will be my last chance and possibly only chance to get to eat my corn. I don't know anything about corn so I looked up online and learned that the corn is ready to go when the corn silk is brownish-red and dying back. Its getting more brown/red everyday and I don't want it to get over due.

Baby watermelon! I wasn't expecting this! I know that the male flowers appear first and I started to see them here and there for the last few days but I was not expecting to see the female flowers this soon. I only was able to find the one, but if there is one, there is more. I have six plants, which I thought was going to be a lot of padding because they could not all reach maturity. Oops.

Why did I bother with cages?! Its a jungle! I think I should have spread them out more, but I planted them where I knew they would do the best and I did a good job.

And more and more and more! They just won't go ripe! Broskey and Alphagal and the neighbors and the girls at work will be able to harvest all the tomatoes that they want. I on the other hand... Well, there is always next year.

Still looking good, I am so glad I did this.

The store bought honeysuckle is going like gangbusters but I am especially proud of my little DIY project plant.

These still look awesome.

Yay for Bill! He's perking right along.I hope he is enjoying all the bugs he can eat.

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