Monday, June 3, 2013


Rocket is lose in the house now and I was wondering what he did all day - apart from eating a new pair of shoes and peeing on throw rugs. I know he does something with his days.

I looked online and found that I am not the only person to have these questions. I also discovered that many of these people have too much disposable income, and then I learned that there is a huge price difference between camera that are marketed as "cameras" and those marketed as "toys". Toys are a lot cheaper.

Enter Rocket and his new "toy". Marketed as a "camera" it was listed for $40, marketed as a "toy" is was $17.

He immediately broke the plastic clasp it attaches to the collar with so now it has to be taped down. This would have also happened if it was a $40 camera. It was significantly less angry-making since it is a $17 toy.

I learned after leaving it on him for a day that he spends his time wandering the house. He visits the office room and looks out the window,  he looks out the windows of the living room, he visits the kitchen and checks out his bowls , but he spends most of his time sleeping .

I know this because in between him looking out the windows there are lots and lots of black boxes. These are pictures of him sleeping with the camera face down in the floor. He sleeps a lot.

Having learned hat he pretty much does what I imagined he did, but with much less cat chasing and bed jumping and couching sleeping. Maybe he does those things for my benefit? Having seen what he does inside, I put it on him when we went for a walk. he is not a bad photographer.

This is my favorite.

New guy

It was hot and the camera was oddly placed, allowing him to actually photo-bomb himself. This was fun and I'll do it again, I think it would be fun to do with him off leash.

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