Thursday, July 25, 2013

Life with out dog and kitty.

I took myself for a walk today. It felt like exercise. The same walk with the dog is stealth exercise, you don't notice it because you are "walking the dog", its not the same as "going for a walk".

Also "going for a walk" in  an urban environment is not the same as "going for a walk" in the forest. There are fewer ticks though and I was not harassed by  deer flies, horse flies or swarms of mosquito's that does count for something. There is also much less chance of seeing a deer, birds other than sparrows and the only running water was run off and it doesn't burble, it burps.

I am still running home every day after work and I don't know why. The house is completely empty. I could be running errands and being all wild and free after work but I haven't yet, I could perhaps today because I might be getting a very lovely composter and if so, I will take a chance and be wild and free and pick it up after work - provided they call me, the manager is supposed to call me and  quote me a price for the slightly shop worn floor model, the last one of its kind in the store. They need it off their floor and I want it in my yard,  so this should be a good deal for us both. Or it won't be and I'll be sad and will continue without a composter and I'll be mad at Big Lots.

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