Monday, August 26, 2013

Garden Day 10

Since the gardens been producing so well, I haven't really been paying that much attention to it, I go on my daily Easter tomato hunts and I search for green beans and check in on my watermelons but I haven't really been looking at the plants themselves closely enough.

Example "A"

 Do those look like happy plants? This doesn't even include the two plants I took out Saturday because I noticed that they were very dead. The plants pictured are still alive and have fruits set, but once those fruits either come ripe or get eaten by 1) squirrels or 2) some sort of  evil caterpillar, I'm pulling the plants out. It won't be long.

The plants in the back of the garden are still doing well though and have some time left.

The green beans have made a come back and I have been pulling a handful of beans off every day.

I'm not going to have near the amount of frozen beans I've stock piled in the past, but I'm going to have  a little supply handy for the winter.

I had thought my corn farming days were behind me until next spring, but apparently I might have an ear or two coming up.

My sunflowers are over for the season and I pulled the last one up on Saturday. I have a good pile of seeds that I need to roast so they will last for me to feed to the birds this winter.

And then we have the watermelon, and again, no melon for the actual summer but isn't fall really watermelon season? I thought I just had the two

But I was shocked to find Baby Watermelon! I can't believe I've missed him or missed stepping on him!

While I was usy doing nothing on Saturday I started to think about things I could do. I had been thinking about re- potting my smaller fern because it has had a great spring and summer and has really grown.

 I did a quick internet search to see when I should do that and it turns out the plant needs to be looking down being root bound before it really needs to be re- potted. Smaller fern is not root bound and really seems happy where he is. He still has plenty of room in his pot and his roots look happy. So no re potting for him until maybe the spring.

And then I started to think about Big Fern

He has had another good growing season this year. I replanted him last year and I was worried that maybe he would need a new pot. A really big new pot. A pot perhaps out of my price range - but he too is not pot bound and he seems happy. I don't know where he is going to live over the winter because he is huge, he has lived in the past in the front entry way but I think small fern may take over that spot and big fern might end up in the back bedroom. I would say that he could live in the bath tub but I'm pretty sure I can't life big fern anymore.

My carnivorous friend Bill also has had a good spring and summer, he has grown three pitchers!

( two pictured)
This makes me very proud. But also a little freaked out because Bill really does need to be re- potted and I'm not sure how is pitchers would like that. Maybe I'll wait until he's sleeping in the winter to do that.
So, so far so good.

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