Thursday, August 29, 2013

Happy Birthday to me!

I joined Instagram so I can post pictures of my pets and my food more efficiently and to a broader audience of people who genuinely appreciate  pictures of pets and food - and I suppose pet food as well, but that might be too on the nose.

Oh, and a Rocket sack update - It continues to shrink.

I had a cavity filled this afternoon and I celebrated by fixing myself homemade mashed potatoes with home grown spuds. It was delightful. I can't open my mouth all the way and I could only chew on one side, but they were tasty and post- Novocaine friendly.

After dinner I thought I could stay at home and watch TV or I  instead could go to Big Lots and buy canned dog food for Rocket - I could spend my lunch hour running that errand but do I really want to shop for dog food on my Birthday? No, I'm going to spend my Birthday stocking up on BOGO  twelve packs of diet ice tea at Lowe's. That is after I deposit a couple of checks and pick up my free Birthday bowl at Noodles. Nummy - and later? I'm going to watch Project Runway and read my Kindle! I live on the edge.

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