Thursday, August 15, 2013

When the puppy becomes a dog

Today was a very dogcentric day. I ordered Dog TV because it works for Rocket like tranq. I turned it one when I left this morning and when I came home for lunch he wasn't waiting at the door to launch himself at me and then race around the house in hysterics. I came in  today and he was calmly gnawing on one of his toys and was unbothered by me. He did alert to me but it wasn't the same level of mania it has been at all, it was just  a healthy  normal level of "Hey its Mom!" . He also went all day without destroying anything. I did also lock the cat upstairs, and so he was removed from the situation and I think this was a contributing factor.

Later on I went out  after dark on a school night! to buy him a kinder E-Collar for after his surgery tomorrow. I hated watching Daisy wears hers and she was miserable, if  I had known there were better alternatives on the market I would have. bought her one She hated wearing the wretched thing and I hated having to put it on her. I promised myself that I would never put a dog through that again.

And then I found out what kinder E-Collars cost! The Kinder E-Collars I saw at Petsmart and Petco run between $26-$39 . The cost difference is between the blow up version and the reinforced canvas models. I liked the canvas models because they looked more comfortable. The blow up version looked like something he would find a way to chew. Also the blow up version was more expensive.Daisy wore the traditional hard plastic version over and over for weeks on end and in her case, a kinder collar no matter the price would have been money well spent. Rocket dog KNOCK WOOD, isn't going to wear it for long and I am almost certain that the vet will give me one anyway. He's going to hate it, but it isn't going to be a bad relationship.

He's getting fixed tomorrow, my baby is going under the knife. Think a happy thought for my little guy.

And because I can, here he is pictured year apart roughly.

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