Sunday, September 22, 2013

Emmy Awards 2013 results

And the Awards went to:

And time waste begins. Why not just hand out the awards? Every host who ever lived but nada for Jack Klugman.

8:16p - Al Pacino is not impressed.

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a comedy series -  8:18p, Merrit Weaver, Nurse Jackie

8:25 - Best Writing in a comedy - Tina Fey, 30 Rock

8:27 -Outstanding Supporting Actor in a comedy series : Tony Hale, Veep

Memorial for Jonathan Winters.

Outstanding Actress in a comedy series : Julia Louie Dreyfus ,Veep

8:40 - Honoring the less important awards handed out last week.

Did Melissa Leo have a lot of work done? Wow. Not cool.

8:43 -Outstanding directing in a comedy series :  Gail Mancusso, Modern Family
8:45 - Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series : Jim Parsons, Big Bang Theory

Memorial for Jean Stapleton

8:55 - Elton John. Memorial for Liberatice?

Tiiimmmeeeeee Waaaaassssstttteeeeerrrr.

9:04 -Outstanding Lead Actress in Mini-Series or Movie -  Laura Linny , The Big C, the Here after

9:10 - Tiiiiiimmmmmmeeeeee Wwwwaaaaaaassstttteee

9:13 - Outstanding Writing in a Drama Series - Henry Bromile, died last spring, award accepted by widow, Home Land

9:15 - Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama -  Anna Gunn, Breaking Bad

Memorial for a junkie.

9:24 - Tiiiimmmmeeeee Waaasssstteeeee Could we just hand out some awards Gawd Damn it!

9:28 - Outstanding Reality Show - The Voice

9:35 - Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series - Bobby Canavali,  Board Walk Empire
9:40 - Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama - Jeff Daniels,  Aaron Sorkin's Journalism Show

 9:44 - Televisions roll in The Kennedy assassination. 79 days later the Beatles played on Ed Sullivan.

9:46 Carrie Underwood sings Yesterday.

The dog was asleep on the couch and rolled over in his sleep, to the floor. He woke up long enough to make sure I was not watching when this happened (I was) and fell back to sleep next to the couch.

Worst use of  Bob Newhart ever.

9:55 Outstanding  Lead Actress in a Drama -  Clare Danes, Homeland

9:56 - Honoring everyone not honorable enough for the Big Show.

9:59 -  Outstanding Directing in a Drama series - David Fincher, House of Cards

10:00 -  Finally, Bob Newhart gets some love. Outstanding Writing in a Variety Series - The Colbert Report.

10:06 - Directing in a Variety series - Don Roy King, Saturday Night Live

Memorial for Gary David Goldberg

Outstanding Choreography -  Tiiimmmmeeee Waaaassttteee

Best Outstanding Choreography - Derrick Huff, Dancing with the Stars

Outstanding Variety Show - The Colbert Report

Memorial for James Gandolfini

10:32 - Outstanding Writing for Mini series, movie or dramatic special -  Abby Morgan, The Hour
10:35 - Outstanding Supporting Actor in a mini series or movie - James Cromwell, I didn't catch for what

In Memoriam for everyone else.

10:46 - Outstanding Directing for mini series, movie or special event - Steven Soderberg, Behind the Candelabra
10:48- Outstanding  Actress in mini  series or movie - Ellen Burston, Political Animal

10:55 - Outstanding Actor in a mini series or movie - Michael Douglas, Behind the Candelabra
10:59 - Outstanding Mini Series of movie - Behind the Candelabra

11:04 - Outstanding Comedy Series - Modern Family
11:09 - Outstanding Drama Series - Breaking Bad

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