Monday, September 30, 2013


At 5:33 this morning Ace wanted to tell me that he lurved me

Ace - Hi Mama! I lurve you!!
Me - What cat? I have no cat. Leave me alone
Ace -I lurve you1 You're my mama!
Me - You have ignored Mama for weeks. Go away.
Ace - It was all a misunderstanding!
Me - I thought you ran away!
Ace - I was just playing hide and seek! Playing!
Me - You haven't played since you were fixed.
Ace - That's not true! Last week I played with a toy.
Me - Watching a cockroach is not playing.
Ace - I stalked it!
Me - The dog ate it.
Ace - Protean!
Me - He spit it out and I had to clean it up.
Ace - Work those abdominals!
Me - Go away.
Ace - I can go under the bed and made that noise...
Me - What do you want?
Ace - I lurve you!

What he was really trying to tell me was that the door to the attic had closed and if I would get out of bed and open it for him he would let me go back to sleep. I didn't get it and spent the rest of the morning licking plastic under the bed. Loudly.

When I wasn't having imaginary conversations with the cat, I got other things accomplished. I took Rocket to the Bluegrass festival downtown Friday night, on Saturday tore out the rest of the garden, blanched and froze the remaining peppers, made and frosted a layer cake and Sunday I put away all the hoses, went to my nieces birthday party and bought new sneakers.

 Once a garden, now compost

The only usable watermelon this whole season.

 Volunteer tomato plants

 Volunteer potato plant


Still some work to do , but much better job this time.

New shoe, the new thing in new shoes is color, color, color. The more color the more money.  This shoe is damn near Amish. The really pretty shoes were really expensive, even at DSW.

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