Friday, September 13, 2013


I'm going to get right down to a discussion of Rockets hoof problem, I know its as important to you as it is to us, almost, possible more important to you because I was fretting about the hoof instead of remembering to get a picture of it so you had only your own vivid imagination to fill the blanks as to what it looked like and for sure you all have vivid imaginations . I still should have taken a picture to illustrate to the vet exactly how awful it was. It was a hoofpaw! It looked like it belonged on  a Clydesdale!  A very sleek, gray, attractive, fashion forward Clydesdale! But a Clydesdale! My God! He was asking for Budweiser! Crippled and longing for bad beer! He doesn't even know what beer is! It was heartbreaking to witness.

#Pawhoof was trending on Twitter,  don't pretend you weren't posting about the saga or offering your prayers and good wishes. We weren't actually following the hashtag but we totally felt the love! I was totally going to put the Pawhoof on Facebook but it seemed too soon and again, I forgot to take a picture of it. Facebook is nothing
He was so stoic though, he  literally never missed a step or stopped chewing his toys! He chased the cat when his foot weighed more than the cat does! He needs a stamp in his honor, maybe the Franklin Mint can cast a silver plated dog foot coin to mark the occasion - A double sided coin! On one side a happy, healthy, sleek dog foot while on the other side would feature a  sad,bloated, heavy foot! Both sides would feature a tasteful, porcelain ribbon, in gray!

I'm not going to have to show anything to a vet : The Hoof has completely dissipated and the paw is back! The paw pads look a little pinkish, but you know. Paw!

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