Monday, September 9, 2013

The little things

Set (reasonable) goals and ye shall receive. Shocking. Make a goal, give yourself a deadline, maintain  your will and shockingly, you can get the goals accomplished.

I think I said I wanted to get the green bean tee pee down. I did not realize that this would take as long as it did or that it was going to be as hot as it was. I am glad its done though, pretty soon Rocket can be in the yard again off-leash. I left the weed barrier down because the flowers on it were blooming but after I removed the pole, it tore them up and they are no longer blooming. They were pretty. I didn't put them in the composter yet because the green bean plants are taking up a lot of room in there. I'll add them when the beans have had a chance to wilt down a bit.

And then, I think I talked about the getting the bed moved and then moving into the bedroom?

That took hours and was no fun at all.  I would have done a pictorial of this as well but it would have been pictures of piles of crap moving from place to place and me being frustrated. The "after" picture is a trophy for me. Thank God for sliders though, they are life savers. I'm not going to get bedside tables for in there because I have one already and its fine. It was also heavy as all hell and hard to move, lets now all praise our friends: Sliders. It doesn't say a lot of the mattress in there that I tossed and turned all night it, but spent weeks sleeping like a baby on a futon. Grumble.

Okay, then I think I wanted to get my green beans taken care of. It took an hour of chopping to get to the picture below, it was more beans than I thought I had collected.

I'm not going into the winter with two gallons of frozen green beans, not as good as other years but good enough.

Last but not least, I also wanted to get my sunflower seeds roasted. I was going to get right on this but then I read the directions and they have to soak over night before they can be roasted. So it took longer than planned but it got done. I now have a little under a gallon of sunflower seeds for the birds this winter. Its not very much but added to the store bought I'll surely get, it will be a nice treat for them and for me because I'll be feeding them in my yard with food grown in my yard, I like that.

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